If you only need to do analysis infrequently, our team offers Simulation Projects and consulting to tackle your toughest problems. Our team will work with you to understand your goals and your design problem first. Once we know what you are trying to accomplish, we will gather from you the necessary data such as CAD models, physical test data, and materials data, and then run your simulation for you.


We evaluate your simulation needs and work with you to determine the required simulation expertise to efficiently simulate your problem. This may include establishing simplifying assumptions, customizing numerical algorithms, and correlating models to test.


We will perform simulations for you and then use the simulation as a basis for transferring the necessary knowledge to your staff. We do this through a step-by-step approach of training your team on the process we used to setup, simulate and post process your simulation. This ensures your teams are ready to successfully apply simulation to future design projects.


Expert on Demand can be a true life-saver when our customers are in a situation where it is imperative that an our expert gets involved when needed for either a short period of time, or the entire length of a design project. Expert on Demand leverages the vast pool of  simulation experts and industry experts to deliver the mentoring support you need, when you need it, and in the method most convenient – either at the customer’s facility or remotely.


We offers basic and specialized training in the use of our simulation tools to maximize your investments in our software. Whether you need an introduction to our simulation tools or expert instruction in specialized applications, we offer the courses you want, with the expertise you deserve.